HQ Reporting

QR Code Management

Easily customize your QR codes and routing to fit your venue

Custom Branding

Upload your logo & color theme to brand it your own.

Timed Menus

Automatically turn on & off your digital menu(s) according to your venues schedule.


Cloud-based reporting

HQ Reporting gives operators real-time access to all their financial reporting in real-time. Everything is securely stored in the cloud.
product mix

Know your business inside & out

View top performing items and categories. Promote your top-sellers to boost revenue.
Free qr code ordering

Create & assign QR codes in minutes

Easily create new QR codes and route them to their desired printer and tablet destinations in seconds.
easy management

View, track & manage your business

Intuitive tips, taxes & reconciliation for easy payouts.

Smart Tipping

Pool tips or run individual checkout reports. Track gratuity per table across open tabs giving credit where credit is due.


Your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tax is right at your fingertips. Easily filter by revenue center or create custom taxes.

Product Mix

View higher performing menu items and how they impact overall sales.


Update your menu items in real time

Setup timed menus, manage modifiers, categories, and create items from virtually anywhere.
Employees & permissions

Stay in control of your changing staff with ease

Customize your employee access to our entire suite of products for maximum security.

Make it yours with 100% customizable branding

Brand it your own. Customize your digital app branding by uploading your logo and color scheme.

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