Deliver Faster Hospitality. Scan, Order, & Pay.

Increase staff pay while decreasing customer wait times with industry leading QR code ordering.

Stop making customers wait.

Deliver better hospitality, reduce labor costs, and increase profits with the industry leading digital ordering platform.

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faster checkout

Customers get their orders and pay 13 minutes faster on average when ordering digitally.

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average tip collected

Auto-gratuity and smart-tipping options ensure an average tip of 20% for your staff members.

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average check increase

Customers spend an average of 33% more in comparison to traditional ordering.

Digital tabs

How it works

  • Customers scan QR codes to bring up your branded menu
  • Menu(s) can be displayed by locations and time of day
  • Customers enter a one-time credit or debit card to start a tab
  • Orders get fulfilled by either table delivery or customer pickup via SMS text
Back & Front of House

Order Display Systems

Manage customer requests and inventory from the bar or kitchen

Easy reconciliation

Cloud Reporting

Access data and update menus from any device

Work smarter, not harder

Reduce time-consuming tasks such as order taking and splitting checks. QR code ordering empowers your staff to cover more tables and provide better hospitality.

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