QR Codes

QR Codes

Outfit your hospitality business with custom branded QR codes and see an instant increase in check size and tip amount.

Custom Branded

Brand your QR codes with your colors & logo

Custom Routed

Route each QR code to your desired printer or tablet

Custom Menus

Choose which menus to display when the QR code is scanned

Digital Tabs

Allow guests to share their cloud tabs with friends


Make it your own

Choose your logo, colors, and QR code type to match the look and feel of your business.


Custom table or placement routing

Route any QR code to your desired printer and/or tablet locations.

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Pay for the whole table with one click

Tabski makes it easy to allow all guests to add their orders to one tab if they're not splitting the bill.


Share your tab with friends in seconds

Running late? No problem, guests can share their tabs via SMS text, QR codes, or any major social media sites.

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