Food Halls

Powering Faster Food Halls

Allow guests to order from any vendor from anywhere with a smart phone.

Securely store credit cards on file

Multi-merchant ordering

Enable guests to order from any participating vendor by simply scanning a QR code.
  • Enter a one time credit/debit card to order from multiple vendors at once
  • Customers get real-time order updates from each individual vendor
table delivery or sms text to pickup

Custom Fulfillment Methods

Each vendor can customize their own delivery method. Some may choose to text customers to come get their items, whereas other vendors will deliver items to guests, offering maximum flexibility to food hall management.
dynamic layout

Custom Routing

Route each order to the correct location from a single QR code.
Peak customer experience

Skip the lines

Don't make your customers wait in lines. Allow them to scan, order, & pay on their terms.

Full scale analytics

Each vendor can have their own secure portal to manage items, track sales, and run their business.

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