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We are passionate about building innovative tools to help our hospitality partners succeed.




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Our approach

Dedicated to innovation

We work closely together to solve problems for all sides of the hospitality industry.

Our Team

Jon Grayem

Co-founder, CEO

Filip Djordjevic

Co-founder, CTO

Paul Hadfield

Investor, Strategic Partner

Jack Casey

Marketing Director

Mina Nemet

Front End Engineer

Andrew Petty

Sales Manager

Andrija Vulicevic

Full Stack Engineer

Ilija Zivkovic

Quality Assurance Engineer

Vladimir Prsendic

Team Lead, Software Architect

Aleksandar Djordjevic

Full Stack Engineer

Nikola Tadic

Full Stack Engineer

Mihailo Jancic

Lead UI / UX Designer

Our Values

Problem Solving

Our goal every day is to find solutions and shortcuts to help businesses reach their potential.


We are dedicated to going above and beyond by delivering the best custom solutions for each specific business we team with.


Our honest & meaningful approach allows us to help clients in the best way while maintaining trust through the entire process.


We're proud of our ability to improve & grow through the ever-changing hospitality industry.


Our job is to take care of our partners & we keep open dialogues with all customers to ensure success.


We hold ourselves to high moral and ethical standards & strive for mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners.

Join us & take your business to the next level.